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    Professional Screen Management 


System Requirements
CPU: Dual Core, over 2.4 GhZ
Hard Disk Drive:  SCSI Interface, with over 500 GB capacity
Video Card: Independent video card, 3D hardware acceleration, over 1G video memory
System: Windows XP or Windows 7/8. Mac not supported.
Nova Supports Multiple Devises
NovaCare Service* is free for every Nova user!

Know your displays status any time, anywhere!

Monitoring - monitor working conditions of sending card, receiving card, monitoring card and multi-function card of screen control system. Detect temperature, humidity and other environmental parameters of the cabinet. Monitor power voltage of cabinet, fan speed, point detect information of LED diodes
Email AlertsAlarm - monitor servers will give alarms of potential problems. System can automatically send an alarm email to the contact based on evaluation of data errors. 
Image Monitoring -  surveillance and on-site image monitoring for real-time control.

Remote Control - supports remote adjustment of working parameters of screen such as storage space cleanup, reboot, screen brightness and volume control and power switch management. Create and publish playback programs, play lists and urgent notices.
Health MonitoringHealth Control - powerful health examination and accurate record of screen's historical running status,  to predict health 
Multi-layer Protection - multiple safe protection measures, covering various links to data storage, transmission, play and terminal connections.
Multiple Devises -supports Windows, Android, iOS  and mainstream browsers like IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc
*Requires internet access, Windows XP or Windows 7/8, Microsoft .NET Framework, and Management Software Download