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Four Line LED Window Signs

Window LED Displays - Up to 4 Lines
These are our largest window LED signs. Window LED signs are 10 times brighter than our standing tri-color indoor LED sign. Also known as a semi-outdoor LED display, these brilliant window LED signs can be viewed through tinted windows and in sunlight. Available in five colors to suit any designers color scheme. Scrolling window LED signs communicate far more than the words upon them, they present a professional image. It has been said you never get a second chance to make a first impression. The manner in which you present your business to the public can be crucial to its success. Attractive, quality, legible LED window signs say come in and do business - we're ready to serve you.

Full Color LED Sign  -  40" Window Bright

Item#: RGB32-96

Our Price: $1,995.00


Full Color LED Sign  -  54" Window Bright

Item#: RGB32-128

Our Price: $2,560.00


LED Sign - Four Line Window Bright Message Board 26"

Item#: SR32-80

Our Price: $1,131.00


LED Sign - Window Brite Scrolling Message Board 38"

Item#: SR32-120

Our Price: $1,392.00


LED Sign - Window Brite Scrolling Message Board 50"

Item#: SR32-160

Our Price: $1,816.00


LED Sign - Window Brite Scrolling Message Board 62.5"

Item#: SR32-200

Our Price: $2,275.00


LED Sign - Window Brite Scrolling Message Board 75"

Item#: SR32-240

Our Price: $2,572.00


Window LED Sign
Window LED Signs not only attract attention, they offer several features that make them easy to use and implement at your business or school.
Updating your display:
Window LED signs feature two methods for updating and communicating with your LED display - a convenient hand-held remote controller and simple to use computer software. Either method allows you to easily create moving messages in minutes.
LED Sign Software
  • allows you to set play mode, color and speed.
  • manage messages, set up your message download display schedule
  • view messages before sending them to the LED sign
  • manage system configurations and send messages to the sign
  • save messages and schedule for future use - no need to recreate messages over and over.
LED Sign Handheld Remote Control
  • use to power your sign on and off
  • add and edit text, control the speed and look of your message
  • choose message display order
  • control day, time, week and time zone of the LED display