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LED Sign - Two Line Scrolling Message 38"

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 Ideal to promote your business, safety messages, employee messages and more.
What is Included in the Box:
  1. LED Sign
  2. RS232 data cable
  3. 6 ft. power cord
  4. Brackets for hanging
  5. Hand-held infrared remote control
  6. Software compatible with

LED Display Features:
  • Indoor
  • Low energy consumption
  • 12 Fonts available
  • Up to 24 text in/out display modes including
    • roll
    • flash
    • scroll
    • rotate 
    • starburst
  • AUTO display randomly selects one of the available display modes
  • SCROLL display mode of large continuous messages
  • 5 message moving speeds
  • Pause periods
  • Real time and date formats



Brightness 80 nits
Pitch 0.3"
Matrix 16 x 120
Cabinet length 38"
Cabinet height 6.3"
Cabinet depth 2"
Character height 1.4"/4.8"
Number of characters 36/20
Lines 1 or 2
Weight 15 lbs
Viewing angle 160 degrees
Viewing distance 80-200 feet
Power consumption 53 watts
Power source 120V
Operating Temperature 32º - 120º F (0º to 49ºC)

LED colors Available

Tri-color (red, green and amber) or Red

Communiction Supported
  1. Hand-held IR remote - INCLUDED
  2. RS232/RS485 serial port cable - INCLUDED

Cabinet Construction:
  • Rugged aluminum enclosure
  • Black powder-coat finish (scratch resistant)
  • NEMA1 rating

  • 1 year factory service parts & labor

  • In stock
Indoor LED signs produce brilliant messages that cannot be ignored. One of our most popular and reliable indoor LED Signs.  

Ethernet Device
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Ethernet Device
This LAN device is a convenient and efficient way to connect your LED sign to a fast ethernet network. It allows users to share or program multiple signs over a computer network.
SKU: NET2160    

OUR PRICE: $185.00

This Ethernet device allows communication to our SR and RG line of LED signage from a LAN. Each device will be supplied with an individual IP address. Attach this adaptor to a display and connect your Ethernet cable to the adapter. One LAN devise is needed for each LED sign with a serial port to be accessed over the computer network.
Whats included in the box:
  1. Ethernet adaptor
  2. 120VAC power connector
  3. Software
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USB to Serial Adaptor
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USB to Serial Adaptor
Want to connect your display to your new PC/laptop, but don't have a serial port? This adapter is the easiest way to add a serial port to your computer. Strongly recommended for any laptop or Windows based computers using a LED sign with RS232 communication.
SKU: USB-232-2    

OUR PRICE: $24.95

Select Compatible 

USB to serial conversion cable is designed for PC, laptop or server to provide an instant COM port expansion via the Universal Serial Bus (USB).  
  • Provides 1 RS-232 Serial Port over USB Port
  • Type USB to RS-232 Adapter
  • Power Requirements 5VDC Power from USB (No external power supply needed
  • Operating Temperature 0° C to 55° C (32° F to 131° F)
1. Adapter
2. CD Drivers/Utilities
3. User's Manual on CD
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