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Tri-color Outdoor LED Signs

OUTDOOR: Tri-color LED Signs

Are you looking for an Outdoor LED Sign that won't break the bank?

Let us introduce our line of affordable Outdoor Tri-color LED displays. Featuring easy to use software, or a simple hang held remote, each outdoor tri-color LED sign can display 1 line of 12" or 2 lines of 5.5" text utilizing red, green and amber colors. Bright enough to be seen, even in direct sunlight. An ultra slim profile makes this outdoor LED sign easy to install virtually anywhere. In tough economic times, these displays will provide the advertising impact you need at a price you can afford.

Face it, in today's economy you have 2 choices:

1. You can struggle to persuade people to buy from you using one time flyers or newspaper ads that will cost you hundreds of dollars and end up in the land fill at the end of the day.  

2. You can relax and allow proven, reliable LED technology to open the cash flow spigot and bring in passing motorists with fresh persuasive advertising messages each and every day.

For an economical Outdoor LED Sign, these are you best value.

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We carry 2 lines: the H4U2SEE and ARG15X

Software Yes No
IR RemoteNoYes
 Pitch  20mm 20mm

Outdoor Tri-color LED Display 41"

Item#: ARG1541

Our Price: $998.00


Outdoor Tri-color LED Display 53"

Item#: ARG1553

Our Price: $1,098.00


Outdoor Tri-color LED Display 67"

Item#: ARG1567

Our Price: $1,348.00


Outdoor Tri-color LED Display 78"

Item#: ARG1578

Our Price: $1,548.00