Programmable LED Sign for Cars, Trucks and SUV'S


Programmable LED sign for your car window will replay up to 16 messages. Maximum memory capacity of 470 characters. Up to 80 characters per message. Change your moving message on the go with remote! Play a stored message with the memory hot key or play a built-in phrase from the library.

Vehicle window LED sign plugs into cigarette lighter outlet or use FREE adaptor to plug into electrical outlet.

Eg: "Baby on Board"
"When everything is coming your way, you are in the wrong lane"
"School zone...slow down"
"Please tailgate. I need the money"
"Pedestrian Ahead"

The receiver is located on the back for easy message changes from a distance!

Domestic Vehicles (bumper sticker slogans, general messages), Commercial Vehicles (business name, phone numbers)
Department Stores (store hours, product locations),
In & Around Your Home (birthday greetings, messages) etc.

Product Dimensions: Length 16.75 in. X Height 3.5 in. x Width 2.25 in.
Display Dimensions: Length 9 in. x Height 1.25 in.
Adjustable viewing angle (360 degrees).
Adjustable display speed
Adjustable display brightness
Pitch 0.4 mm.
Resolution: 7x 50 Dots.
Includes: Display, Remote Control (Batteries) Power Supply (Automobile Lighter Outlet with over 9-foot cord).

Adhesive pads mount to dash.

6 months

In stock - Color Red

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