26" Four Line Window Brite Scrolling Programmable Message LED Sign


Programmable LED Sign is a compact message center is designed for window use in an industrial, retail, government and educational facility or anywhere communication is important. Our most popular sized LED display can show production goals, safety messages,  product specials, and student announcements.  Easy to program and store up to 100 messages to schedule when needed.

What is Included in the Box:
LED Sign Remote
RS232 serial input data cable
6 ft. power cord
Brackets mounting
Hand-held infrared remote control
Software compatible with

LED Display Features:
Red LEDs for window use
Low energy consumption
9 Fonts available including BOLD and WIDE
Up to 41 text in/out display modes
6 slide modes
6 cover modes
6 roll modes
4 shutter modes
9 special effects: scroll, rotate
AUTO display randomly selects one of the available display modes
SCROLL display mode of large continuous messages
8 message moving speeds
Pause periods from 0 seconds to 60 second
Real time and date formats
Schedule messages to run when needed
Password security
Built in animations


Model UR32-80
Brightness 1000 nits
Pitch 0.3"
Matrix 32 x 80
Cabinet length 26"
Cabinet height 12.4"
Cabinet depth 3.5"
Character height 1.4" / 9.6"
Number of characters 18 /10
Lines 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5
Weight 27.3 lbs
Viewing angle 120 degrees
Viewing distance 80 to 200 feet
Power consumption 56 watts
Power source 120V
Operating temperature 32 to 120 degrees F

Communication Supported
RS232 serial port cable - INCLUDED
Hand-held IR remote - INCLUDED
USB Interface - Optional

Cabinet Construction:
Rugged aluminum enclosure
Black powder-coat finish (scratch resistant)
NEMA1 rating

1 year factory service parts & labor

In stock

This multi-line, Ultra bright message center is indoor rated and can display 1.4" up to 9.6" high characters. It can be controlled using the PC software provided or an easy-to-use infrared remote. 

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