50" Two Line Scrolling Programmable Message LED Sign


Hundreds of customers and clients will see your messages for the first time when you put up a programmable LED Sign. It's a great investment that never stops working for you. LED Signs are a smart marketing tool needed by every type of business and industry. Their colorful moving messages and images increase customer awareness 24 hours a day. 

What is Included in the Box:
LED Sign Remote
RS232 serial input data cable
6 ft. power cord
Brackets mounting
Hand-held infrared remote control
Software compatible with

LED Display Features:
Tri-color LEDs for indoor use
Low energy consumption
9 Fonts available including BOLD and WIDE
Up to 41 text in/out display modes
6 slide modes
6 cover modes
6 roll modes
4 shutter modes
9 special effects: scroll, rotate
AUTO display randomly selects one of the available display modes
SCROLL display mode of large continuous messages
8 message moving speeds
Pause periods from 0 seconds to 60 second
Real time and date formats
Schedule messages to run when needed
Password security
Built in animations


Model RG16-160
Brightness 80 nits
Pitch 0.3"
Matrix 16 x 160
Cabinet length 50"
Cabinet height 6.3"
Cabinet depth 2"
Character height 1.4" / 4.8"
Number of characters  40/ 24
Lines 1, or 2
Weight 20 lbs.
Viewing angle 160 degrees
Viewing distance 80 to 200 feet
Power consumption 53 watts
Power source 120V
Operating temperature 32 to 120 degrees F

Communication Supported
RS232 serial port cable - INCLUDED
Hand-held IR remote - INCLUDED
USB Interface - Optional

Cabinet Construction:
Rugged aluminum enclosure
Black powder-coat finish (scratch resistant)
NEMA1 rating

1 year factory service parts & labor

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