January 26, 2021

Programmable LED sign for your business

A key part of effective advertising is creating striking and visually appealing signs that attract and grab hold of your customers' attention. These visuals are very important in distinguishing your brand from the rest of the competition. A programmable LED sign provides a way to display those visuals while keeping the messaging fresh and dynamic.

A programmable LED sign is an electronic display that can be programmed with different media like messages, animations or even video. These signs come with a remote control or a software application for creating content. These signs come in all shapes and sizes. LED signs can range in size from a simple moving message LED window sign to a large outdoor multimedia sign.

A programmable LED sign offers your business a great deal from a marketing standpoint. It can help supplement or even replace some of the more traditional advertising methods you may be using. Here are some of the benefits it can offer your business.

Increased Customizability and Variety

Keeping things fresh is always a sure-fire way of attracting new customers and retaining old ones. Drive by customers quickly loose interest in static sign messages. 

A programmable LED sign makes it easier for the business owner to create and update fresh content using a variety of mediums like texts and images to keep the brand's messaging fresh and relevant. 

Greater Curb Appeal

We've all walked past that restaurant sign telling us about the discount on the special of the day or driven past the sign announcing new arrivals for the winter season. These signs have at one time or the other influenced us to go in and make a purchase. That is the power of curb appeal.

The sort of signs you use determine to a great amount how your business can better attract and retain important walk-in customers. A well placed LED sign on the storefront can do the job of drawing in more traffic.

Increased Customer Outreach

Customer outreach is an essential part of running a successful business. An LED sign is just one way that can be used to reach customers, but if used right it can be a very powerful one. With a programmable LED sign, different types of messages and campaigns can be run by your business to reach potential customers.

Energy Savings

This might seem inconsequential, but for a small business trying to balance the books, little cost savings can go a long way. Programmable LED signs offer significant energy savings over conventional always on signs like neon and fluorescent signs. They can be dimmed, programmed to only come on during rush hours, or even motion activated to save energy.


What Can I Display With My LED Sign?

After getting an electronic LED display, it's time to start updating it with content that can speak to and resonate with the consumer. Need help with that?, We've got you covered. Here are some messages that will look great on your new LED sign:

1. Opening and Closing Hours: This is a basic but very important message. Nobody wants to make the trip down to your store only to find that it is closed. Informing customers about your operating hours helps save them a lot of time and enables them to plan their visit accordingly.

2. Discounts and Promotions: Everybody loves a discount, getting things on the cheap is one of the things customers can never resist. Displaying advertisements like discounts and promotions can help generate interest in these activities and lead to more sales.

3. Community Messages: These types of messages may not even be related to your business. It is just a way for your business to connect with the local community at large. It can be a message of support for the local sports team or a message to show solidarity for a social issue. It's good to show the community that your business cares.

4. New Products: A new product launch is always an exciting thing. As a business manager, it’s your job to create as big a buzz as possible about it. Using your LED sign is a great way to do that. With the sign, you can reach out to potential customers and inform them of your new offerings.

5. Awards and Achievements: Has your bakery won the local bake-off for five years in a row? Has your store been in business for over 67 years? Put it on your sign. These little tidbits are part of your brand's story and what better way to share them with the world than with your LED sign.

Choosing a programmable LED sign is a good investment for your business. It can help boost your brand’s visibility while giving you greater control over your advertising and marketing strategies.

The upfront costs might be a little steep but LED signs have been shown to boost sales almost everywhere they are used. With the guaranteed ROI that it's going to bring in, it is sure to be worth it. Now, what are you waiting for? Browse through our selection, and get a sign for your business.

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