LED Signs for Auto Dealerships

October 11, 2014

LED Signs for Auto Dealerships

These days, marketing has evolved into something else, and as always, the Internet is to blame. With the rising popularity of the Internet for almost every entertainment need, the TV and the radio have lost their former marketing glory. TV commercials don’t get viewed as often as they used to because it’s more convenient to recorded television shows. The radio industry has suffered a similar fate with the popularity of subscription radio services and mobile devices. Newspapers have struggled to stay afloat, reducing publication frequency and weathering the decline of circulation. People prefer taking out their tablets and reading the news from the Internet.

What does this have to do with auto dealership? It means that traditional advertising won’t work as well as it used to, and that it’s important to look for alternatives. One effective alternative is using outdoor electronic display or LED sign advertising. In fact, LED sign advertising is more cost-effective than other forms of advertising. There’s no need to put in numbers and other geeky marketing data here, but LED sign advertising, like that which is offered by LED Sign Authority, has been proven to be cheaper per thousand impressions or CPM. This is the kind of advertisement people see without intending to. They’re probably just driving to work, and then they see your LED sign and say, “Oh, that’s a nice offer.”    
The LED Sign Authority Displays we offer to auto dealerships ensure that you get to showcase your monthly, weekly, and even daily specials and also be able to highlight community activities that increase floor traffic. What makes LED Signs different from traditional advert media and campaigns is that things can be changed very quickly. There is no need  to take weeks or even months to plan an ad campaign because digital messages that really speak to potential buyers can be loaded in mere minutes.
Auto dealers can further increase the return on investment of their LED signs by using them to market the high-margin services they offer. With the flexibility of these LED signs, dealers have the ability to display different and multiple messages within the day about offers that customers may be unaware of. It will be a significant opportunity to make customers know about service department specials, customer loyalty programs, special financing opportunities, rental cars, and specific vehicles.
The benefits of LED signs go far beyond just increasing recognition and awareness in prospective buyers but go as far as saving you money. Since they are energy efficient, they also lower operating costs in comparison to obsolete bulb signs. Outdoor electronic displays eat up less electricity, which means you will enjoy significantly lower operating costs, thus yielding a better return on investment. High quality LED signs are cost-efficient and may even qualify you for rebates from your local power companies. 
Purchasing an LED Sign
Not all outdoor electronic displays are of the same quality though. It’s important to do a lot of research about LED sign companies before choosing one. Some important details to know are what warranty they offer, how good their customer service is, how they work with repairs, what after sales services they provide, and of course, the price range of their products. Doing your homework is important if you don’t want to blow your marketing budget on an outdoor electronic display that doesn't do the job. An LED sign is indeed a powerful tool but it will only be as good as the services that come with it. Before you buy anything, make sure you have all your bases covered and that you have asked the right questions.

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