LED Signs for Schools

November 03, 2015

LED Signs for Schools

Often when faced with the dilemma of choosing the most appropriate LED display for your business, common sense dictates a full color display trumps a monochrome LED in favor of attraction. However, there are many factors which are involved in the decision. You need to take in to consideration your budget, the message you are aspiring to get across to your prospective audience and the nature of your advertisement, before reaching to a conclusion. Afterall, McDonald's restaurants known for their high signage budgets, still finds value in Monochrome LED displays. The question of “what is a better investment?” is presented to many potential LED sign buyers that will have long-term consequences. Here are a few considerations to take in to account:

1) Budget

Monochrome LEDs are without a doubt, less luxurious and pricey than their full color counterparts. Outdoor Monochrome LED Signs employ a single color of LED to create text and/or graphics. The text can be tweaked to display in myriad options, like sparkle, flash, blink, and scroll, to create a message that will catch the eye of prospective customers as they approach your business.

For businesses that don’t have intimidating competition in the vicinity or are on a limited budget, monochrome LED would serve the purpose without breaking the bank. These can be changed to advertise current promotions or news, without the additional costs and at a fraction of the effort, normally associated with a traditional billboard installation.


2) Location

Look around your business to get a view of where you stand. In the placid world of manual copy boards and static signs, even a monochrome display would stand out and create quite an impact. However, if you are surrounded by high-resolution full color or video LED displays, they would overwhelm the monochrome LED of your business and make it seem rustic. The public is quite picky about where to divert their attention. If you want to deflect their attention back to you, creatively crafted content and a vibrant colored sign would give them the push to look your way.


3) Nature of Message

If the nature of your message is pure data delivery, without incorporating images, monochrome LEDs are a more prudent option. Locations like factory floors, outdoor way-finding areas, stock tickers, loading bays and security checkpoints are all great examples. However, when it comes to demanding the undivided attention of the public, full color signs are the way to go. Supporting graphics and colorful text add more meaning to the LED sign content. Using animated images and vibrant hues, a simple text advertisement is replaced with a fully branded call to action.


4) Nature of Business

There are situations where images enhance the meaning of your message, more than words ever could. e.g. a pizza place would fare better with an enticing image of a pizza slice, oozing melting cheese, than using only words for words to tempt the public. With the additional benefit of complex images via multiple color display options, in full color display, a more awe-inspiring and tantalizing message can be displayed. On the other hand, if you are in the insurance business, a mere picture can’t convince people to stop by and utilize your services, and in that case, a monochrome text display would serve the purpose better.

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