Wireless Ethernet LED Sign Communication

April 26, 2014

Wireless Ethernet LED Sign Communication

Ethernet/wireless is sometimes called WiFi or 802.11. It is Ethernet over an RF network and uses off the shelf RF equipment bought at the local computer stores (similar to the wireless used on your laptop). Typically there is data encryption or Key’s used to access the network to prevent Hackers accessing the network. In utilizing this type of network, initially there is some setup involved to get the LED sign talking with the master transmitting unit . The distance for the device is limited to 100 feet or less and the broadcast antenna must be located outside the building to be effective. The speed of the network is very good and is suitable for movie and picture files.
When should I use it?
  • High speed connection is desired for sending Movie files or large picture files to the LED sign quickly.
  • Need access to the LED sign from several computers or from a company wide network.
  • Direct wire cable methods can not be used due to High installation costs
  • Excessive RF interference is not present at the LED sign or the transmitter location. This can be caused by Cell phone towers, radio stations, TV stations, wireless handsets and numerous other wireless devices prevalent on the market today.
  • Direct wire cable is not required reducing installation cost.
  • Ethernet networks are common
  • Multiple signs can be controlled from single network
  • Files load quickly to sign.
  • Installer should be familiar with computer networks to link the network to the signs IP address.
  • Clear “Line of Site” (no buildings or metal walls between access points) required between transmitter and receiver. 
  • Connectivity and performance and subject to interference by many factors such as: obstructions (such as: weather, uneven terrain, large metal structures, water towers, trees, vehicles, radio signals) in between the sign antenna and the transmitter, distance between the antennas, position of the antennas, etc. A site survey is strongly recommended before installation.
  • Recommended method for sending movie, picture or large data files due to its fast speed.

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